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Welcome to Patti’s Potions Natural Soaps, Ltd, your reliable source for natural, handcrafted, environmentally friendly, artisan soaps, lotions, lip balms, and home fragrance products.

Being green and earth friendly has always been a part of our company mission. Our soaps are hypo allergenic and suitable for all skin types. They are biodegradable and made with sustainable ingredients. NO PALM OIL!

I am currently in the process of adding more essential oil soaps. Part of that process is reducing the inventory of the fragrance oil soaps.

I now have many off duty fragrance oils that I will list on my sales pageThis will be an on going project so please check back often.

We offer a wide variety of natural, handmade, olive oil, shea butter, and rice bran oil soaps. Every soap starts with a generous amount of olive oil.The formula is then enriched with the oils that create a creamy lather.

We do offer two specialty lines containing fine hemp or emu oil for our family and friends that are challenged with eczema.

All of our products are Made in the USA at our studio in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Patti Eder Patti's Potions Natural Soaps, Ltd. Kenosha, WI

Patti's Potions Natural Soaps, Ltd,

Patti Eder (owner)

3305 86th St.

Kenosha, WI 53142

Handmade Olive Oil soap from Wisconsin and Patti's Potions Natural Soaps, Ltd.

Discounts are NOT automatically applied as you order. We will do so when your card is charged.

In the Press Room!

June 24th new article on the artists behind hand made soap in Kenosha News

Wisconsin Trails is our latest reviewer in their March/April 2010.

Our beer soap has been featured in the

November/December 2007 Draft Magazine publication under the buying guide for the holidays.

A review of the Beer soap took place in the July '08 issue of the Milwaukee Magazine.

Discover Wisconsin will feature our soaps in May 2010 when they cover Kenosha County.

This is incredibly exciting for us! Being recognized and reviewed by a great local magazine and TV programs couldn't have be nicer. Judith Ann Moriarty and the photographer of the Milwaukee Magazine were a delight to work with.

Now there is a Quick Reorder Page available for your convenience. If you already know what you would like from Patti's Potions, click here.

You will find a full ingredient disclosure on our online shopping pages for each of our products where you may address any allergies that you may have.

This is a woman-owned and family-run business.

Patti's Potions Natural Soaps, Ltd. is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago in the southeastern portion of the state.

Patti's Potions products and the company behind them are forging a new path in the skin care industry. This is a new and innovative approach to luxury, skin-pampering products with affordable pricing.

Come and treat all your senses to the joys of handmade products.

Please browse our products and take the time to compare our ingredients with the commercial soaps and lotions.

While you are at it, see what is new! Our fragrances change with the seasons.

Try to imagine the fragrance and feel of these nature-inspired artisan products and then experience them for yourself.

  • There are no minimum requirements for purchase.
  • A free sample is always included with your order.
  • Orders over $50 receive a free gift of my choice.
  • Orders over $75 receive free shipping.
  • Local orders can be delivered for a $2 fee.

Wholesale information is available upon request.

We are often asked "where our store is located."

We do not own a retail bricks and mortar location for the products that you will see here. Our studio is in Kenosha, Wisconsin and is not open to the public. Private showings may be available upon request.

To see and smell our products during the summer and fall, please come and visit Patti at the Kenosha Harbor Marketplace. This is a European style market that is open every Saturday from Memorial Day through the end of October. Hours of operation are 9 AM to 2 PM, rain or shine.

Our products will be available at Artisan and Craft shows during the fall in the Metro area, and at stores throughout the USA. Please support these attractions and stores when you are in the area

This web site is my catalog for online shopping and product availability. You may also find Patti's Potions Natural Soaps, Ltd. products at these retail locations.

Since we are with the product from inception through production, you may always contact us for a personalized consultation at our studio in Kenosha or for any questions that you may have.

Patti's Story

I started my company several years ago during one of Wisconsin’s infamously cold, dry winters. As the temperatures dipped and the humidity toppled, my skin reacted predictably—it tightened and screamed for moisture. The commercially produced soap I was using at the time exacerbated the problem. And no wonder! When I researched the ingredients of this product I was shocked to find out that my soap—and most others—are really not soaps at all. They are synthetic detergents with a petroleum base. In the commercial process the natural, moisturizing glycerin is removed and sold as a secondary product. Amazing isn't it? The very ingredient your skin needs has been removed!

Such knowledge made me angry. But it also woke me up. I began researching soap and the soap making process in earnest. During my research I discovered several handcrafted soap sites. Through them I discovered that it is indeed possible to buy real soap—soap that is made with natural moisturizing ingredients devoid of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals. And it was at this point that I had a revelation—why not make my own soaps?

Our company was established in the year 2000. My interest in natural soaps has since turned from a satisfying hobby to a great passion.

Today I take great pride in creating a variety of soaps and lotions for a very loyal customers base.

I am happy to report that I no longer have to suffer through the long Wisconsin winters. Well, at least my skin doesn't have to suffer!

You will immediately notice a difference between my handcrafted soaps and their commercial counterparts. The difference is natural glycerin. All of my soaps are made using the alchemy of the cold process. This is not the melt-and-pour, high-alcohol-content “glycerin” soap that is sold by some handcrafted soap companies. The cold process starts with a balanced formula of natural oils, sodium hydroxide as the emulsifier, and a liquid such as goat milk, water, herbal teas, or aloe juice. The end result is a gentle, moisturizing soap.

My soaps are made from natural, food-grade ingredients, including oils of coconut, palm kernel, and castor—for their lathering properties—and olive oil—for its gentleness. Some of my soaps may also contain shea butter, jojoba oil, emu oil, hemp oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and/or apricot kernel oil, for their moisturizing and conditioning properties.

Dried herbs and grains may be added for their exfoliating and aesthetic qualities.

I use only essential oils and fragrance oils that are skin-safe and designed specifically for soaps & lotions.

Not all of my handmade soaps are white. Fragrance and ingredients can add many variables from a light, creamy color to a deep rich brown. Some of my soaps have clays and color added to delight our skin and brighten our daily cleansing routine.

Please refer to my oil information page for a more in-depth explanation of each of the oils I use in my products.

Visit our Customer Testimonial page for more comments on Patti's natural soaps and lotions.

--Read what our customers are saying -

I'm so happy that I found your web site because you have me now as a customer for life! I recently bought 4 lip balms from this site and I can happily confirm that, in all my 10 years of using various lip balm brands, Patti's potion lip balms have been the most nourishing for my lips. My lips didn't only lose their dryness but also became fuller with a pinksih color. I love these products! Thank you :)

-- Jazmin, North Bergen, NJ

My wife and I have been enjoying handmade soap/shampoo, etc from Patti's Potions, for several years. Their soap is relatively expensive but lasts well and is really good stuff! Their shampoo bars are also wonderful. They are good folks to deal with.
--Hank Moore, Watkins Glen, NY

My Comments: I have bought your products down at the Harborside Marketplace and fell in love with them! I will be placing an order shortly as I can't be without :) Thank you for making such wonderful, natural products for the beauty of our skin.

-- Tracy Buzzell, The Cocoa Truffle Kenosha, WI

I received my order on Saturday, and I want to thank you for including an extra lip balm and bar of soap.

I gave the soap to one of my girlfriends, singing your praises, and currently my husbands in the shower with   the "dude" soap.

I have to tell you, my husband said your soap was the only homemade soap he as smelled that doesn't smell like clay, and believe me, he has smelled a lot of them. He has really dry skin in the winter as he is out in the elements, during the cold weather here.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for making a quality product and or the little “extras". Thanks again.

--C. Cawley, Staten Island, NY

I have been using Patti's soaps for about 6 months and i love all of them. They are the most luxurious soaps I have ever used. They all lather up so nice and the smells are awesome. My favorite is the 19's soap. But of course my husband loves the beer soap. If you have not tried them, believe me you are missing out.

--Tina Audette, Edgewood, Maryland

Hi, Patti. 

My three lovely shamrock washcloths came yesterday.  You made them very special by commenting about your mother. She’s the craftswoman who made them, right?  I feel honored that I was able to snatch the only three you had!  Please tell her they were purchased as gifts for my daughter, granddaughter and me, in celebration of the precious circle we embody: maiden, mother, crone! They are soft , lovely, and obviously lovingly crafted! The perfect small gift was shipped off to my daughter and granddaughter in Cali yesterday!
Thanks for joining our celebration

Bright blessings to you and yours-

-- Deborah T.  Smith Madison, TN

Hi Patti,
Received your soaps a few days ago. They are wonderful! I'm using the patchouli haze, and a mild rash I've had on my sternum for literally years now is beginning to clear up. No idea why, thought it was just a reaction to my bra. But it's improving, tada! So thank you so much. The scents are lovely.
Thank you also for the lip balm. It is so nice. I'm an EMT, and my lips get so dry in the back of the rig between the fan blowing and a natural inclination to lick my lips when I'm concentrating. The balm is so nice! Thanks again, 

--Chris Stephens, Washington State

"Hey Patti,   I just wanted to let you know how awesome your Tea tree lip balm is. I recently have gotten a tattoo on our family vacation to the Obx. With it being my first one I wanted to make sure I was caring for it properly. They give you instructions on what ointment and lotions to use for the healing process so of course I purchased them and started using the ointment right away. 

Having such sensitive skin 2 days later I was breaking out in what looked like and felt like a rash around the tattoo and the tattoo itself started scabbing more then I thought it should. I went to visit my mom and in conversation I complained of what I was experiencing. Instead of giving me the lecture and reasons for not getting a tattoo she simply handed me the tea tree balm and said to try that. She also suggested washing it with one of your lavender soaps and using your lotions to keep it moist.

Honestly I used your soaps everyday and I never thought of using the soap on the tattoo as well. The next day after using the balm and soap the rash cleared up and the lotion has helped with the scabbing and cut back on a lot of the itching. I never thought to use your products on a tattoo, I didn't want to break any "tattoo laws" but I'm glad I did. Silly me, I had all the right healing products right under my nose!

Seriously, my tattoo is looking great now and it's good to know that if I decide to get another I know what products work good for my skin.                                                                                                        Thank you bunches!"                                                                                                                     Jaime Minnick

"I really do get lovely energies every time I visit your web site It's been only a week of using your soaps and lotion and already my eczema on my foot is starting to clear."

-- Suzanne from Maryland

" I just received my first order from you today, and your soaps smell simply wonderful!!  I can't wait to use them- especially the stress relief and lavender. 

My 6 y/o son loves his "Bearly There" Lip Balm.  The Aveda scents smell fantastic as well.  And thank you so much for throwing in the freebie of Faerie Dust soap- I LOVE this one, and probably never would have selected it from your list of scents.  

I must thank you also for such great customer service, and such quick and efficient order processing/shipping.  I know whenever I order something, I want it "yesterday"...and you came really close to shipping my order before I even placed it."

-- Cynthia, Rockford, IL

“Awesome feel, smell, and relaxation properties! I love all of Patti’s products".

-- Wendy, Aurora Health Care, Kenosha, WI

"Patti's soaps are the best!  I don't use anything else and my friends would be SO disappointed if I didn't give them soap at birthdays and holidays.  I like trying the different scents each time I need a new bar.  The shampoo is very gentle and I'm sure it's the reason my perm has looked so good for such a long time." 
--M.P.S.  Waterford, WI

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